About Marko

Marko Francišković, (born in 1970.) is a Croatian intellectual, graduated economist, published writer of 5 books, war veteran, expert analyst and commentator of geopolitics, dissident and political activist. Heavily censored by the Croatian regime, Marko Francišković, in his 20+ years of public work consistently speaks against the interest based monetary system, NATO, EU, UN, and other such organizations, as well as secularism and democracy and exposes the occupation of the Croatian people by puppet regime serving outsider interests (as is true worldwide). At the beginning of his public career, Marko published a book (loosely translated as) the „Croatian book of survival” in which he presents a detailed plan for establishing, organizing and running a country based on God’s laws in which he details, everything from innovations in military doctrine, proposed solutions to ongoing disputes with neigboring countries, changes in infrastructure, reforming of the education system, restructuring of government bodies etc…

In 2013. Marko was falsely diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic in a politically motivated process, and forcefully medicated in a prison psychiatric ward as an attempt to eliminate him from the public scene. One of the things used as proof for such diagnosis was the scope of his book, which, was „impossible for one man to write” as stated by the psychiatrist who diagnosed him. He spent 9 months imprisoned until a council of doctors challenged and refuted the original diagnosis.

In December of 2021. Marko was imprisoned once more after a series of speeches at peaceful anti-covid passport gatherings, for „reasonable doubt of committing a crime of public incitement of terrorism”. At time of writing he is still in prison and under investigation for a crime many know never happened. Until his arrest, Marko was in the process of writing part two of his most recent book „Croatian Jihad”. Marko Francišković, until his arrest, regularly published his commentary and analyses, on his youtube channel „Banovina Horosan”.