Marko Francišković: In the upcoming battle, every one will have to choose a side, determining their eternity with this choice (2013.) Interview

An interview from May 21st, 2013 with Alexander Bovdunov (Aleksandar Dugin’s assistant) for a Russian geopolitical online magazine.


May 21, 2013

Marko Francišković: In the upcoming battle, every one will have to choose a side, determining their eternity with this choice

Interview with Croatian geopolitical analyst about the present and the future of the world system

Marko Francišković is a well-known Croatian geopoliticial analyst and publicist who adheres to right-conservative political views. A veteran of the war for the independence of Croatia, a former commando, now an independent journalist and politician, is actively opposing globalism and a unipolar new world order. We decided to discuss his views on the current world system and possible alternatives that could be offered from his point of view.

Good afternoon, Marco! To begin with, let’s talk about the most fundamental thing. How do you perceive the modern world order? Is it fair, honest? If so, why? If not, how should it be changed?

The most accurate description of today’s world order is this: it is diabolical to the bone. Of course, whatever comes from the devil cannot be honest and fair to a human. If you understand this, then you also know how to change this situation, and you know that there is only one way – narrow, but the only one. As Dostoevsky said : “Without God, everything is permitted”.

Now, of course, the main question is how to be on the right side, the side of God, how not to succumb to false gods and all temptations from The Father of lies. This is – a decisive battle, and the battlefield is simultaneously located both in each of us and in each individual country in the world.

Thus, the choice between good and evil should be made simultaneously on both levels – individual and collective – a certain harmonisation is needed.

Only in this way can humanity hope for a better world and a fair world order – not a perfect «paradise on Earth», but for a world that is on the Right path. Now, undoubtedly, the world is moving towards complete destruction, it had surrendered to evil and we can already see “the fruits of hell”. Instead of «on Earth as it is in Heaven», our situation is : “on Earth as it is in Hell».

If you want to understand what I’m talking about, and if it’s too abstract to perceive, then even the process of imposing genetically modified organisms on the world – is sufficient evidence of building hell on earth, if you know the basics of biology and all the facts that relate to this general promotion of GMOs, as well as all other genetic experiments and practices. This is not even a matter of profit, the benefit here serves only as an instrument of people as servants of the global system; it is a pure evil manifested through the immediate environment of global banks and corporations, as well as through their government puppets, where, of course, the United States is the strongest of the puppets. The true tragedy of mankind is as follows: people are so blinded by their temporary power and wealth that they become short-sighted and do not understand that this is – not only of their making, but also their death sentence. Evil blinded them, and now they are – blind, leading the blind, and all of them are destined to fall into the pit.

Do you think US global hegemony is harmful or beneficial to the peoples of the world? What determines this hegemony: military power, the prevalence of American culture in the world, financial and economic factors?

Of course, US global hegemony is harmful to the world, like any other hegemony, we must be fundamental in this matter and exclude hegemony of any kind.

To the second part of the question, which is extremely important, I answered a few years ago in my book, describing how these factors are interconnected, and how all this works in principle, not only in the USA, but to any other state of any value that is hegemon or not.

Imagine concentric circles and the spiritual realm as their central point; everything is based on this spiritual basis, which can be either good or bad, but in any case serves as the starting point of everything, even if you consider yourself an atheist – this atheism is also determined by your spiritual center, whether you like it or not. The first circle closest to the spiritual center – is a sphere of culture. The very word « culture » gives us a hint, because we are talking about a specific kulte, and the cult – is what directly depends on spirituality. Then, the next circles of the political sphere that are following as the policy of culture – are just a wider form of cultural foundations: military power, economic power, financial power – they’re broader aspects of the political circle, wider circles emerging from one another, and there is one that connects all those circles and connects the center with the periphery – money.

To understand how money connects all circles together, you need to know the actual definition of money. Money is «a number with a name», this also shows the exclusively double nature of money, which is both a number and a name, mathematics and history – so you can understand why money is present simultaneously in the center of the spiritual, cultural, political or economic spheres, and on the outskirts of this imaginary picture of the organized social structure of human society.

Knowing and understanding this, one can also understand how important the situation of those who produce and distribute money is today. If you have taken this position, then you control everyone and everything, you are above the state, and all political players obey you and depend on you.

The absurdity of the so-called « credit ratings » is a great example of what I’m trying to explain; states tremble before some obscure organizations and their solutions. Who is engaged in the production and distribution of money in the modern world? Not sovereign states, but private oligarchic structures, and it is here that a common view opens up to the solution of the problem of peace and humanity. The sovereignty of national states should be maintained and they should again receive the right to issue and distribute interest-free currency. It is so important to repeat this again: interest-free currency! If money serves Man as a tool of assistance, like any other tool, there is no need for a markup, but if the goal is to enslave a person with money, then interest is necessary to ensure this slavery. A government  that really operates in the best interest of its’ people will issue and distribute money without interest. It’s as simple as that.

This is the solution to the problem, but, of course, the hidden money rulers do not want to miss the power that they acquired, and they should be removed from their positions just as it was done by Jesus Christ in front of the Jerusalem Temple some 2000 years ago. They do not understand any language except (the language of) force. To provide them with any justification – is a net waste of energy and time; only brute force and nothing else can do serve in this to all of humanity.

Which country or group of countries, social or political forces could challenge American hegemony?

In principle, any country or group of countries, social and political forces can and should challenge American hegemony. If they do not, they will be doomed to slavery under the so-called New world order, but, to be completely precise, the fight against hegemony should be addressed not only to the American, but also to any other form of hegemony, regardless of who and to whom is trying to impose it.

Unfortunately, I must say in this connection that Russia does not live up to hopes for opposing US / NATO imperialism, and first of all, I mean the role of Russia in the attack on Libya and the treacherous vote in the UN Security Council. This was exactly the opposite of the interests of the Russian people and all national states, and all the current problems in Syria could be avoided if not for this step of Russia, the vote for NATO intervention and war crime that was contrary to all logic and on all grounds, with Russia thus becoming a participant in these actions.

Before that, I considered Russia a real opposition to the New World Order, allowing Putin the presumption of innocence regarding all of his previous mistakes in his domestic policy – One of his  problems was the same money problem – money with interest – but after his move regarding Libya, I can no longer allocate any strategic differences between Russia and America. It seems that they serve the same sovereign, simply playing different roles. It may look too harsh towards Russia, but as they say, “You Will Know Them by Their Fruits”, and the “fruits” in this case are clear. Libya and Gaddafi were betrayed without any serious reason. No one could argue that Russia was forced to do this, because all that was required of it was – to veto the imperialist resolution adopted by the United States, but Russia supported it, which became the death sentence of Gaddafi, and at the same time, a kind of suicide of Russia; to say the least – Russia shot its leg, remaining crippled.

With this in mind, what is happening in Syria, unfortunately, creates a very bad situation for Russia on a strategic level, as it missed the opportunity to take the initiative regarding US / NATO imperialist trends, and now passively responds to the actions of the enemy. Instead of protecting Libya with Gaddafi, and thus earning a fulcrum deep in Africa, Russia is now forced to fear it’s neighbours and fear the strategic squeezing by US / NATO forces and their proxies – not to mention the long-standing problem with China, which will inevitably, sooner or later manifest on many levels: historical, cultural, demographic, environmental, economic, etc.

What do you think of the ideas of globalism, “One World government”?

I think that the answer to this question is obvious from my previous responses – I consider the idea of globalism and single world government absolutely unacceptable in any form. Let’s just say: to accept a single world government means to reject God, and to reject God means to give up freedom and accept slavery, because if we are not made in the image and likeness of God, then we are nothing more than animals and agree with the appropriate treatment with us. Even Voltaire understood that God is necessary in any desire for freedom when he said “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” There can be no middle position: “You can not serve two masters”, as the Bible says.

How do you feel about the idea of a multipolar world order? What does multipolarity mean to you?

I do not like the idea of a multipolar world, and I will explain why. Firstly, what does this “multipolarity” mean? Why does humanity need any more polarity besides the polarity of good and evil? There are only two poles in this world: either you are with God, or – not. And there is no place for other poles. It’s very simple.

Moreover, the idea of a multipolar world seems to me like the idea of a multi-don mafia – currently there is one dominant don of the mafia (USA), and an alternative that is offered by this idea of multipolarity means accepting more dons, after which today’s don will lose its dominant position. I do not want mafia dons to rule over me in any form: mono, stereo or multi. I want to be a free person and belong to a free nation, and only God and no one else can stand above the national state, which should equally apply to all nations in the world, regardless of, how great or strong they are. All national states should be in equal conditions, there should be no privileges that are now available in a certain form to the UN Security Council, representing, in fact,legalized imperialism. My nation does not need guardianship, as if we are small children and have not yet grown to be on a par with other nations, and this applies to all of them. I will never accept and bow down to the UN, just as I will never comply with the occupation of Croatia by the EU / NATO as legal and legitimate. Croatia’s entry into the EU – the real betrayal by this criminal regime was carried out outside the existing laws and constitution, which would not be difficult to prove – however, we live in conditions of tyranny and liberal dictatorship, where the only law is the law of power. The criminal  system carries out its  will without regard to laws, and in this sense there is no significant difference between the rulling power of the EU and the USA; the absence of adherence to law – while the law is loudly proclaimed mandatory – is characteristic of this dying civilization, and the lawlessness of the Croatian political group of traitors – is just the lawlessness of the servants imitating their owners.

How do you understand the role of your country in a possible multipolar world system? What matters to Croatia’s geopolitics? What relations do you think your country should have with Russia, the USA, European and Balkan states?

I see Croatia exclusively as an independent nation-state, regardless of whether the world is multipolar or unipolar. In any case, Croatia can be either independent or occupied – there are no and never have been compromises in this matter. Freedom – is an absolute concept, you are either free in the full sense of the word, or not free at all. You cannot be partially free – this is just an intricate name for slavery, and people like to fool themselves and, as slaves or servants, do not want to recognize the cruel reality by inventing such names, contrary to logic and reason. As a rule, this is done then to justify our own passivity, cowardice and lack of desire to fight all possible risky consequences of the struggle.

At the moment, the main thing for Croatian geopolitics – is to get rid of this treacherous and criminal gang and free itself ourselves from EU / NATO occupation. This is – absolute priority; only after that we can consider other geopolitical actions of Croatia, which would depend on the current local and global situation on the front of liberation from the occupying forces. Naturally, as a truly independent state, Croatia is very interested in building good relations with Russia on the basis of mutual benefit. Our location on the Adriatic coast – is the best way for Russia to access the Mediterranean Sea, and with this trump card alone, it’s geopolitical position, Croatia can benefit and succeed.

I wrote in great detail about this, as well as how the two largest European nations – Russia and Germany are divided by a relatively small Croatian territory. Only by retaining our independence and statehood can we, in our own interests, unite Russia with Germany and benefit from that in the best way possible. It is no coincidence that the opposing forces in The City of London, and Washington, which is essentially the same, created and controlled Yugoslavia as a weapon against both Russia and Germany, blocking their access to the Adriatic. My opinion and analysis led me to the conclusion that the First World War was conducted primarily with the aim of harming Russia, which was just supposed to complete the Trans-Siberian Railway: London rightfully came to the conclusion, that strategically Russia with its huge human, scientific and cultural potential as well as tremendous natural resources, will soon overtake the British Empire. So, they employed agents from Belgrade to unleash this senseless war and draw Russia into it, and then to wage a revolution directly from Russia after the war dried it in every possible way. The results of this Bolshevik revolution were destructive for the Russian people and, instead of becoming a European and world power, Russia was doomed to civil war and the destruction of its own human and technological potential. Later, with World War II, the same idea of

confrontation between Germany and Russia was repeated in the strategic interests of London and Washington.

This strategic goal has not changed, and we can observe how London and Washington, through their servants in the Balkans, are building a barrier for Russia and Germany with the focus on, if possible, turning them against each other. My proposal – instead of this confrontation – is to organize cooperation and, in some way, an alliance against London and Washington, to break the EU and NATO from the inside by playing a card of the German liberation from occupation. Germany as a nation is suppressed and tyrannized by London through its Zionist dictators and domestic servants. In essence, Russia can free Germany from this occupation, and thus help itself by turning over what London has been building for many decades – now Russia will be able to use Germany against London, but not vice versa. There is no secret in this; if you read Kissinger’s work, you will see that he openly says that the main threat to Anglo-American world domination – is a potential alliance between Russia and Germany, and that it must be prevented at all costs. A thoughtful and prudent policy, both Russian and German, would be the exact opposite of these Anglo-American plans, and Croatia, in view of our geopolitical position, can play a decisive role here in its own interests.

Croatia can and should become a geopolitical bridge between Russia and Germany, but only as a completely independent state on equal terms with all who will be involved in what is happening.

What trends in world development can you call negative and which ones positive? What can be done to overcome the former and support the latter?

All trends in world development are positive, there can be no negative development, because if something is negative – it does not develop, but degrades. But I understand what you mean; scientific discoveries and technological development – are definitely positive phenomena that can be used to improve the world, and the only thing, which makes them negative and destructive – is the human factor. Here we find ourselves again in the sphere of the spiritual realm, the center of all circles, here we face again the battle of good and evil, since this is what determines whether the world will develop or degrade. Today, without a doubt, the trend of evil dominates and, as a result, the situation in the world is what it is.

In this sense, in order to overcome the degradation and death of mankind, we must find the truth and hold on to it, no matter what happens, because only the truth will free us from the slavery of lies, The Evil One and all his servants.

Share your vision of “the future” of your country, the civilization to which you belong, and the world.

I have already noted what needs to be done in Croatia in order for us to have at least some future, and how urgent is the need to free ourselves from the globalist occupation and the treacherous gang, and then what free and independent Croatia do in terms of geopolitics, as well as internal organization, where the main thing is to establish control over the creation and distribution of interest-free money. Freed from financial vampirism, the Croatian nation and the state would erupt with development and success, just like the small state of Dubrovnik, which at one time in history had the second largest merchant fleet in the world. It makes no sense to just try to repeat and outstride this achievement – but it’s a question of knowing the art of government and understanding that freedom is a generator of wealth. With regard to statehood, freedom is national sovereignty and, therefore, we must hold on to it firmly and never consider any other options besides independence and freedom.

This is an idealistic goal, but reality is extremely gloomy, not only in Croatia, but throughout Western civilization, including Russia, despite its unique situation. Demographic data is alarming, showing that all European nations are dying out, and after some 50 years there will remain only a handful of Croats in Croatia, just like a handful of other European nations in Europe, and various ethnic groups from abroad will become dominant. This is irrefutable fact that we have to face and fight like men, or ignore it “think positive” and do nothing like old women.

Croats, like other Europeans, will become a minority, and on average – a very old minority. This culture of death, of course, can be turned upside down, but without identifying our true spiritual center from which all life flows, it is impossible – and our civilization with all its nations without this will be doomed to extinction.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain: The great battle of this world is almost here – we can hear it, we can feel the Earth trembling from the marching armies – and in this upcoming battle, every one will have to choose a side, determining their eternity with this choice.


Interviewed by Alexander Bovdunov, translation by Maria Ignasheva


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